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Bathe in the healing waters of the Uvita River in Costa Rica.

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Barefoot Retreats


We built barefoot retreats with extraordinary in mind.  Invest in your health + well being to nourish your mind, body, & spirit.  Our retreats are like none other in the world.  We incorporate culture, healing, and movement to provide a world class experience.  Our retreats are for EVERYONE.  Come away with us to find yourself.

All of our retreats focus on revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit.

Chef prepared + organic meals.
Soul awakening experiences.
Once in a lifetime connection.

Your Host

Dr. Courtney Gowin has been teaching yoga in the Caribbean the past 12 years.  When she experienced a major life shift, she found her healing through yoga & the ocean.  She made it her passion project to share this healing and restoration with the world.  


Healing + Adventure

Barefoot retreats focuses on curating an experience not only of healing, but also adventure.  All of our retreats include healing ceremonies, practices from cultures around the world, as well as adventures from the country we are hosting in. 

Our Upcoming Experiences

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