Follow Your Bliss

July 24, 2021 10am-6pm


Join us for an exclusive business + adjusting seminar focused solely on future women in chiropractic. Students will receive coaching and life skills from the top experts in the field.  

This is not an ordinary seminar.  Join us for inspiration, community, & adjusting skills specifically for women.

What's included?

-Business education


-Wine + Cheese Boards

-Barefoot adjusting under the stars

-2 Professional Headshots


-1 life changing day

Barefoot Seminars

Whether you are a chiropractor wanting to know more about prenatal care and how to serve more pregnant women, or wondering how to start, grow, and nurture your business.  The Barefoot Mama Seminars are for you.  

We focus on excellence in experience and bring in some of the top experts from around the world.  Enjoy networking + connection with chiropractors, entrepreneurs, & other business owners.

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Women Chiropractors Pop Up

December 4, 2021 8am-6pm

Image by Alasdair Elmes

Women chiropractors, you do not want to miss this event.  It will be like none other.  You know and love the Women Chiropractors Nonprofit--many of you are on the 8,000 member Facebook Page.  Now let's network and learn in person.

We will have some of the top speakers in chiropractic sharing their passion and gifts with us in this incredible day.  

What's included?

-In person live event

-Learning from some of the best in the profession


-Skills sessions

-Mimosa Bar

-Cocktail Party

This is a free event, but we will be taking donations to our charity of choice.